Want to know why there is no Apple TV yet? Then check out Fan TV

I just really wish a better alternative to cable TV would come out already. I haven’t subscribed to cable in years, waiting on something better, and I was hoping apple would have released something more than the appleTV by now, but seems like it’s gonna take a little more time to create something “apple” worthy.


San Bruno-based second screen startup Fanhattan gave a first demo of its upcoming TV device, dubbed Fan TV, at the D11 conference today, showing off an intriguing UI, a completely remote control and a bold vision for the future of TV. But the demo also pointed to some of the major challenges for innovation in the TV space. Challenges that will be hard for anyone, including Fanhattan, to overcome, and that are ultimately the reason why we haven’t seen a full-fledged Apple (s AAPL) TV yet.

Fan TV Trending MoviesFirst things first: Fan TV is based in large parts on the work Fanhattan has been doing in aggregating video content sources on the iPad and on the web. It combines this curation approach with live TV from a pay TV provider, video subscription services and a cloud DVR. Fanhattan CEO Gilles Bianrosa didn’t say when the offering will be available or how…

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